Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is required to install ReVo Leveler?

The nest for ReVo Leveler is the only installation required. Simply peel the protective cover from the back side of the double back outdoor permanent tape and press it firmly on the driver’s side of the RV. ReVo Leveler sides sideways into the nest from the front and bottoms out so as to always be in the same location when reinstalled on the RV. The nest location is not critical nor is it necessary to be perfectly level. The software used will calculate for misalignment of the nest. Care should be taken however to avoid areas where a bin door or storage compartment door swing does not impact the nest or ReVo Leveler on the nest. The wind has whipped open my bin door seconds after I turned my back to it. Additionally, it’s not required that the nest be level but who wants to have something mounted to their RV that is not at least level to the eye. You can use trim or graphics on the RV to place the nest.

2. Can I have ReVo Leveler installed and set up at the RV dealer?

Please review the videos and printed step by step instructions first. Every attempt has been made to make ReVo Leveler easy to install, set up, and use. If you have questions before or during, please call 844 785-3535 for assistance. If you still want the dealer to install and set up ReVo Leveler, there may be a charge for it. Every dealer has their own hourly rate so the charge will be dependent on their rate.

3. How long should it take me to install and set up ReVo Leveler initially?

About the time it currently takes you to set up your RV on a campsite, depending on your amount of experience. Level left to right, press a button. Raise your RV to a disconnect height, press a button. Level your RV front to back, press a button. Raise or lower your RV to a connect height, press a button.

4. Do I have to drive my rig to a “level” location to initially install and set up ReVo Leveler?

No. The technology inside will allow you to do the set up anywhere you will be able to level the RV left to right using boards or ramps under the wheel(s). Level front to back is also not an issue.

5. Where can I buy ReVo Leveler?

Check with your local RV dealership for availability. If it is not there, have them contact me at 844-785-3835 or

6. When I buy, what do I receive?

You will receive one nest with the double backed permanent outdoor tape already applied, ReVo Leveler, printed instructions, a sun shield with the Height Adjustment/Board Thickness Chart label already applied, and a 12vdc charger with cord.

7. What is the expected battery life before recharging?

ReVo Leveler contains a rechargeable cell phone type battery with an expected life of 30 hours. The stored values are not deleted should the battery go dead. Auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity helps prevent accidental discharge of battery capacity. If you remove ReVo Leveler from the bin and its dead, recharge with the 12vdc charger for a few minutes so you can use it then recharge it completely. When you press the power button, the display will show the amount of battery life left as a percentage of 100.

8. Do I have to disturb my existing wiring for the jack up/down control on my RV?

No. ReVo Leveler is not an automated leveling system. It is intended to replace the bubble levels and provide you with information to take the guess work out of setting up your RV on a campsite and leaving that campsite. Automated systems are considerably more expensive and that is not my target market.

9. What types of RV’s would use ReVo Leveler?

ReVo Leveler can be used on travel trailers of all types and 5th wheel trailers of all types regardless of the type of hitch you have. Everyone needs the ability to level left to right. I have to admit that the 5th wheel owner is going to get more value from ReVo Leveler with respect to disconnect and connect heights. Most travel trailers with a tongue hitch are positioned visually which works well. The height adjustment value / board thickness chart and jack extension readout helps everyone. Additionally, more and more travel trailer manufacturers are including electric tongue jacks so the more efficiently you operate them, the longer they will last before repairs are required. ReVo Leveler is currently not suitable for motorhomes

10. What is the physical size of ReVo Leveler?

Revo Leveler is a 3 inch cube. Weight is 9.4 ounces

11. Is ReVo Leveler waterproof?

No. ReVo Leveler is not intended to be submersed or exposed to direct water spray. Use it and store it inside a bin on your RV. If it is raining during use, try to protect it and or get it into storage as soon as possible. The sun shield included will also help prevent water from entering but damage can occur if it does. This is an electronic device and should be treated as most electronic devices currently are treated.

12. What happens if my jack(s) sink into the ground during my stay at a campsite?

If you believe this has occurred, Place ReVo Leveler back on the nest, press the power button, press the level front to back button and ReVo Leveler will tell you what needs to be adjusted, up or down. Make the necessary adjustment, turn it off and place it back into the bin.

13. If my 5th wheel trailer has dual motors on the landing jacks will ReVo Leveler still work?

Yes. Again, ReVo Leveler is not an automated system. It is an aid to help the process of leveling left to right, front to back, disconnect height, and connection height.